Black vinyl dance floor for home
Gray vinyl dance floor for home
Kid dancing on a gray vinyl dance floor installed at home

Marley Mat™

Home Studio Dance Kit

Rosco Marley Mats are made using our professional-grade Adagio Tour™, which is the same material used by professional touring companies and dance competitions around the world. Designed to provide a dance surface that rolls out quickly and easily, Marley Mats feature a "limited slip" grip, making them perfect for practicing ballet, jazz and modern at home. The Adagio Tour material used to make the Marley Mats also has enough rigidity to produce a good sound for tap and other styles of hard soled dance.

Available in black or grey, each Rosco Marley Mat dance floor kit includes a roll of matching Rosco Floor Tape for easy, temporary installation.

What’s included:
Rosco Adagio Tour™ Marley Mat (in black or grey)
One roll of Rosco Floor Tape (color matches the floor)
Shipping/storage box

Mat Dimensions: 63” x 72” (1.6m x 1.8m)
Thickness: 0.04" (1mm)
Tape Dimensions: 1.9” x 108.2’ (48mm x 33m)
Colors: Black and Grey
Weight (mat only): 9.6 lbs. (1.26 kg)
Composition: Homogeneous PVC
Floor Speed: Medium-Fast
Choose this floor for: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, Irish, Flamenco, Lyrical, or Drill Team
Installation: Temporary*

   * Installation over foam pads or carpets is not recommended as this can cause your Marley Mat to become lumpy, uneven or possibly tear.

Product Numbers  
30058622HKIT Adagio Tour Marley Mat Kit - Black
30058635HKIT Adagio Tour Marley Mat Kit - Grey