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Case Study: Using Gobo Projections To Create Vivid Images On Building Façades

Case Study: Discover The Versatility Of The Rosco DMG SL1 For Event Lighting

Miro Cube® 2 ENT DWG Files (Zip)

Miro Cube® 2 ARC DWG Files (Zip)

The Cinematography Challenge – Senda Bonnet

The Cinematography Challenge – Eduardo Ramirez

The Cinematography Challenge – Elle Schneider

Case Study: 2 Lighting Techniques For Night Exterior Scenes From Gaffer Jason Velez

Where To Buy/Rent DMG Lighting

Case Study: Punch Up Your Action Scene Lighting With Rosco DMG Lights

Case Study: Creating Ambience With Gobo Projections For Park Lighting

Case Study: Master Light Shaping With Gaffer John Roche and Rosco OPTI-SCULPT

Case Study: Creating An Underwater HOME For Phoebe The Flamingo at Tampa Airport

DMG DASH Insert Kit

DMG Lighting Sales Sheet